Shakil Ahmed is a professional calisthenics athlete

From competing at the age of 17, Shakil Ahmed has competed in various UK national competitions. Having competed at such a young age he has managed to accomplish several titles within the UK. Shakil shares the knowledge he has gathered over the many years with those who share his passion for developing strength and muscle through calisthenics and weighted calisthenics, as well as implementing "Hybrid Training". Here are some of his accomplishments:

- UK & Ireland -74kg Weighted Calisthenics Champion (2018 & 2019)

- Main event at the Arnold Classics UK Calisthenics Competition (2021)

- UK Official -80kg Bodystrong Streetlifting Champion (2022)

Shakil currently lives in London, United Kingdom, where he trains, coaches and produces programs for people around the world.


Ready to take your weighted dips to the next level? The perfect program for intermediate to advanced lifters looking for something NEW to build amazing results.



Online coaching availiable

From beginners to advanced athletes. If you don't know where to start or you're looking to level up your training, my online coaching services are tailored to invididual needs. Including weekly check-ins.

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  • Abir C.

    "I highly recommend to anyone looking for a positive place to start or improve their fitness, especially for those who have no experience, or had negative experience with exercising in the past, to get Shakil as a coach. One of the best in the calisthenics game. He will teach you the basics, from beginners to advanced level. He makes sure you are improving your health and most importantly teaches you how how to have a correct mindset with training."

  • Ibrahim A

    "I've always wanted to do calisthenics but never got into it for various reasons. With Shak, its been a journey. He understands your fitness level, adapts and changes workouts accordingly and as a result I've seen an increase in strength, agility and flexibility overall."

  • Issy A.

    "Shakil helped me stay focus with assisting me with a program which I followed in my own time as well as with the 1-1 sessions I had. By almost end of the year I was able to do pull ups without the band which was a great achievement for me. All in all, Shakil was very patient and motivating during my calisthenics journey."

  • Muhammad S.

    "I gained a lot of strength training with Shakil. From week 2 onwards the program was well structured and balanced to my goals. A good mix between endurance and strength training was calculated properly. Overall it was done professionally and with solid knowledge and experience. A great coach."

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